My Sweet Valentine - Jill Sanders

My Sweet Valentine

By Jill Sanders

  • Release Date: 2013-10-28
  • Genre: Contemporary
Score: 4.5
From 355 Ratings


Sara Lander was back in town. She had big plans for her inheritance along with her freshly printed business degree and years of experience in some of Seattle’s finest bakeries, she has a rich idea for Pride. Sara’s Nook is going to be the next biggest thing to hit town. All she needs now is to steer clear of the hunky ex-Navy SEAL who is hell bent on taking all her focus away from starting her own business.

Allen Masters has been living in Pride for several years. Setting up a new branch of the Coastguard and training all the new recruits took years of skill and all his patience. But when he sees the black-haired beauty, who had come back into town, he realized she was the one he’d been searching for. Taking one taste of her sweets, he knew he’d be in for a sinful time, but losing his focus while flying into the eye of a storm was the last thing he could afford.



  • Cute story that needs some serious proofing.

    By Cheri610
    I've read free books with fewer errors than this one. Sometimes entire sentences made no sense. I am glad it was only 99 cents!!
  • Felt like it was missing something

    By Anne Westbrook215
    I read the whole book, but it just never held that spark of magic that it had the potential for.
  • My Sweet Valentine

    By McRaezie
    I enjoyed the story and the mystery thrown in for good measure.
  • Loving Pride!!

    By karoleni
    Another sweet romance with a bit of a mystery! Jill started My Sweet Valentine in a way I've never seen (or noticed) before and I really enjoyed it. She overlapped the end of Red Hot Christmas and the beginning of My Sweet Valentine but changed the point of view to the new couple. Very cool idea! I wonder if the rest of the series is this way too! Sarah made me want to start baking again. I'm not creative enough to come up with amazing new desserts or the names so I won't be opening a bakery any time soon. Regardless, loved her! Great ambition in that one. Now for Allen. Yes please. He seems absolutely wonderful and I'm very happy he did not give up! Copy of book provided in exchange for honest review.
  • Great

    By Vallery930
    Sweet, loving and interesting short book!
  • My Sweet Valentine

    By Kwalzy
    Good read, surprised by the "who done it".
  • Cool story

    By Empress 79
    Keeps you in since the very beginning, I totally enjoyed reading it. Worth staying late at night reading and making it to work early morning lol
  • Terrible Editing!

    By NAAWO
    Poor writing combined with a very weak story!
  • Beautiful

    By Piano chick
    This was a fun read. When it got going it kept u on your toes. Other than a few but funny grammar and just reading over mistakes it was easy to understand.
  • Editing???

    By Dirtybut
    Do you read your own stories? It's called editing and I can't stand being taken out of a story by bad grammar and spelling. Also, really, Tom Selleck... Are you old as well?